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The Government announced in March 2018 that a Strategy for Cottonera is to be prepared with the overall objective to “seek to improve environmental and social standards in the inner harbour area, with both short- and long-term regeneration goals”. This Strategy is setting out a framework which forms part of the wider policy context created by various national and sectoral policies such as social, environmental, economic, transport, culture, heritage, tourism related and spatial plans and policies.

The Vision of the Strategy is based on three pillars:

Improving Social Capital

Upgrading the Urban Environment

Increasing Business Attractiveness

 To ensure the success of the Strategy it is recommended that an entity - Fondazzjoni Kottonera, is set up with the specific scope of implementing, monitoring and reviewing this Strategy. This will serve as a one-stop-shop which will assume the identity of the Strategy and act as a focal point to plan, lead, organize and control all the implementation phases of the Strategy.

Specifically the entity will

I. Foster an inclusive community focused approach to implementing the Vision of the Strategy towards the sustainable development of Cottonera;

II. Promote social renewal by capitalizing on the culture heritage assets of Cottonera;

III. Propose measures that seek to improve the social capital of the community living in Cottonera;

IV. Coordinate the organization of cultural activities which enhance the distinctiveness of Cottonera;

V. Play in an active role in the branding of Cottonera as a cultural hub;

VI. Facilitate collaboration between businesses with the scope of rendering Cottonera as an attractive live-work location;

VII. Liaise with the relevant Ministries, government authorities and agencies, local councils, NGOs and the Cottonera community;

VIII. Coordinate and ensure effective implementation of all the measures in line with reasonable and timely targets;

IX. Monitor and review the implementation of each and every measure as well as take corrective action as and when necessary;

X. Establish a streamlined one-stop-shop approach for liaison with Ministries;

XI. Ensure that a budget plan encapsulating all the initiatives of the Strategy is drawn up and that funds are available;

XII. Identify and tap any possible sources of funding (including EU funding) for all the projects; and

XIII. Assess ongoing plan and policy development to ensure that these take into consideration and consolidate the raison d’être of the Strategy. 

In the short term Fondazzjoni Kottonera shall oversee the implementation of the following projects:

Cottonera: A heritage trail spanning the cultural heritage assets of the built, natural and coastal environments. This will create a link across Cottonera, fostering a stronger awareness of the identity of the area. The identification of the heritage trail will require an assessment of the route and subsequent infrastructural improvements required for its implementation.

Birgu: The reconstruction of the road at it-Toqba tal-Birgu, including the reconstruction of the Regatta Club, the development of the ‘Sensory Garden’ and the implementation of pedestrian friendly measures;

Bormla: The development of the Santa Margherita green corridor incorporating a series of gardens, a play area, a kiosk and a cultural centre;

Isla: The restoration of St Michael’s bastion including the restoration of the clock tower and the upgrading of Pjazzetta Gorg Mitrovich, and the improvement of the existing architectural and street lighting system at Gnien Gardjola and the Isla Waterfront; and


lkara: The upgrading of the Kalkara waterfront promenade from Triq Marina to ix-Xewkija including Misrah l-Arcisqof Gonzi.

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