Export or Movement of Cultural Heritage Items
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Export or Movement of Cultural Heritage Items

The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage regulates the import and export of cultural goods moving between Malta and EU Member States, as well as from or to non-EU countries. These cases are frequently referred to the Superintendence by the Customs Department or by Malta Post.

Review of Export or Movement of Personal Goods

The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage reviews the export and movement of personal goods from Malta, reviewing packing lists and Customs documents, prior to their processing by the Customs Department. This process is applicable to consignments of personal goods that do not include cultural heritage items that are subject to the Cultural Heritage Act.

To ensure that the consignment of personal goods does not contain cultural heritage items, the exporter is required to compile and submit a declaration form, which is available HERE​. A circular on export procedure can also be found here​.

Export or Movement of Cultural Heritage Items

As prescribed in Article 41 of the Cultural Heritage Act, no person may export or move a cultural heritage item from Malta without the written permission of the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage.

Any person seeking permission to export or move such items is advised to address such requests to the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage, writing on heritage.superintendence@gov.mt. The request for permission is to include a description of the item or items, as well as adequate images and information on the provenance of the item or items.

All persons are made aware that such permission may be refused.

Certification of Imported Cultural Heritage Items

The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage is frequently requested to certify items imported from outside the European Union as being cultural heritage items and to confirm the declared value of these items, so that the importer may comply with Customs procedures.

Any person who requires the services of the Superintendence for the certification of cultural heritage items is advised to communicate directly with its offices on tel. no. 23950000 and to write on heritage.superintendence@gov.mt.

The certification of such imported items will require the examination of such items at the point of entry, with the purpose of determining their value. The examination of cultural heritage items is carried out in keeping with relevant legislation.

Contact Information

Superintendence of Cultural Heritage
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+356 23950000