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Local Artists

For the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Culture Directorate asked local artists how cultural heritage has influenced their practice. Below are some of Malta's established and up-and-coming artists whose work has been shaped by their cultural heritage.

Born and raised in the Maltese Islands, Sef Farrugia’s work is a manifestation of her island’s diverse roots and a reflection of the infinite hues of who she is. Sef has grown up encircled by her extensive family’s creativity, from sculptors to tailors, which has also greatly influenced her brand’s aesthetic values. Farrugia’s signature is that to create a contemporary visual with quirky characteristics, also hinting cultural principles and most of all giving each piece she creates, great attention to detail. 

Drawing inspiration from her Mediterranean surroundings, her influences are deeply rooted in her origins mystifying histories, her appreciation of instrumental music and passion for picturesque craftsmanship. Sef is also a highly skilled illustrator and her captivating imaginative prints, are always a pivotal point to her collections.



It is inevitable for cultural heritage not to influence my work, when having been brought up in one of the world’s most culturally rich islands in the world, furthermore having been raised in one of the oldest villages Malta holds, Haz-Zebbug. I live, work and breathe it everyday. Also, I have always been interested in discovering more about the never-ending background that my country holds. I find that it affects my thinking process automatically.​



www.seffarrugia.com (launching soon)

www.facebook.com/Official.Sef.Farrugia (facebook)

www.instagram.com/seffarrugiashop/ (Instagram)


Glenn Ellul (b.1991) is a Malta born artist, illustrator and designer known for his signature style of detailed surreal illustrations. Often created using just fine liner pens and graphite. He graduated as a designer from the Institute for the Creative Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design & Interactive Media. Currently working as a designer, illustrator and exhibiting artist. 




How has cultural heritage influenced your practice?


Malta boasts a vast and diverse cultural heritage which is all around us.  To say our heritage (be it landscape, architecture or art) is my main source of inspiration would be an understatement and this I believe is evident in my work.






Te fit-Tazza was founded in 2015 by Andrew Farrugia & Craig Macdonald, two bosom buddies with a penchant for design and all things beautiful.


Working within the travel industry over the past five years, Andrew nurtured a deep appreciation for various subliminal features, relatively unnoticeable to the average eye. Add the fact that our islands are graced with so many hidden gems and hey presto – the perfect potpourri was there for the taking. 


Craig's interest in design started early on in his teens when he first discovered street art and illustration. This would serve him well while developing a successful career in advertising and marketing – a passionate crusade (labour of love) that flowered into his latest project - Te fit-Tazza, a project that typifies his passion for design and all the things that define Malta and its dependencies.




How has cultural heritage influenced your practice?


Malta boasts a wealth of identity. It is found in how we act, how we interact and how we present ourselves both socially and visually. In our collections, we embarked on a journey of nostalgia through the alleys of our past, we remember all the things that make us who we are, our past, our present and our location.


In our recent work, we collected memories set in different scenes, capturing their raw, untold beauty, bringing them to your attention, even though at times they might be taken for granted. We felt the need to showcase our own interpretation as we changed lens while interacting in our own space. 


Website: www.tefittazza.com

Shop: shop.tefittazza.com​