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Nativity Crib in Betlehem

This Nativity scene is set in typical Maltese vernacular architecture and decorated with traditional and folkloristic tools and decorations that were used in Malta during olden times. The scene includes a traditional Maltese fishing boat, the Luzzu, that is still used by fishermen in the present day. A corbelled hut - Girna, used to serve as a farmer's early dwelling can be seen to the left. This nativity scene comprises 17 figures dressed in Maltese traditional costumes. Whilst some of these characters are found in all Nativity scenes worldwide, some of them like the sleeper - ir-rieqed, the man of wonder - l-ghageb and the climber - x-xabbattur are particularly attributed to the Maltese crib. This Nativity scene has been designed and executed by the Maltese artist Manwel Grech.  This artistic crib has been inaugurated in Manger Square, Bethlehem, a few metres away from the actual nativity scene.  Dr. Owen Bonnici, Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government inaugurated the artistic crib.  This initiative is part of the cultural diplomacy policy embraced by the Ministry and is part of the celebration of European Year of Cultural Heritage.