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Notte Bianca 2018

Date: 6 October 2018

Pjazza Teatru Rjal will be the Folk Stage of Notte Bianca 2018 with an impressive line up of four bands: 

I am Willow

Carrie's been known to hush a busy room and hold an audience with only her voice and a piano. However, this island girl is more than your average singer/songwriter. With the ability to move her audience to tears and leave them on a high for days, Carrie's new material truly showcases her vocal ability and the art of songwriting. 


Etnika is one of Malta's leading modern folk bands founded in 2000. The four founder members were composer Ruben Żahra, traditional instrument maker Ġużi Gatt, researcher Steve Borġ and musician Andrew Alamango. Their main task was to present a revival of old traditional Maltese instruments, at times, with a fusion with contemporary ones. In 2000 Etnika released their first album, entitled Nafra. Their second album, Żifna (Dance), was released in 2003; it depicts the sentiment of the island nation with its cross cultural Mediterranean influences. Their efforts were rewarded by the Award of Music Achievement in the 2001 Malta Music Awards, held in Ta' Qali.

Vinicio Capossela

Singer-songwriter, poet, writer and phantasmagorical entertainer, VINICIO CAPOSSELA (Hannover 1965) debuted in 1990 under the aegis of Renzo Fantini (Paolo Conte, Francesco Guccini) with the record “All’una e trentacinque circa”, which won him the Targa Tenco, which he was awarded three more times in the years to come. With Paolo Rossi Capossela also made his television debut in the TV show “Scatafascio” (1997-1998), for which he wrote the track bearing the same name.


Skald are Bertu Aquilina, Gabriel Gauci, Simon Bezzina, Jesmar Bezzina and Aaron Debattista – a quintet formed recently to breathe life into Maltese literature and culture with their own blend of original music. The name ‘Skald’ derives from the literal Maltese word "splinter". However, it also translates to the ancient Scandinavian word for a composer who recites poems and hymns honouring heroes and their accomplishments. All five started their musical journeys at relatively young ages – some during their teenage years whilst others even earlier. Hailing from different backgrounds, they aim to amalgamate their varied skillsets into new exciting artistic expression. The percussionist Bertu comes from the eclectic world of ethnic music while Gabriel invokes his own classical influences with the violin. Simon brings home the raw strength of rock and blues on his bass guitar and meanwhile Jesmar dials us back to our roots, with his interpretations of traditional Maltese folk music. Lastly, Aaron serenades with his vocals and seams together the diverse energies with the sound of his acoustic guitar. Skald has come to life from the foundations of our musical heritage and aspires to invigorate it with innovative musical vision.

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