Traditional wooden boats may be considered as an essential aspect of Maltese culture, especially that related to maritime activities in the harbour areas and fishing villages.  Maltese boats are known for their unique colour scheme and the eye of Osiris certainly being one of the most striking Maltese cultural heritage assets that serve also as a tourist attraction. This scheme is thus earmarked to assist boat owners to preserve and maintain their traditional wooden boats, namely the well-known luzzu, kajjik, firilla, frejgatina, dgħajsa tal-pass and dgħajsa tal-Latini.

What you'll get

The objective of this stream is to financially support boat owners to preserve  or maintain their traditional wooden boats such as the luzzu, kajjik, firilla, frejgatina, dgħajsa tal-pass and dgħajsa tal-Latini. The maximum allocation for each project cannot exceed €5,000. The scheme covers:
  • Decorative, protective and antifouling paint (or similar)
  • Solid, laminated, plywood wood sheets and planks (or similar)
  • Copper nails, bolts, rivets and screws (or similar)
  • Glues, epoxy, sealant and caulking (or similar)
  • Direct labour costs (up to a maximum of 20% of the total eligible support)


Owners of wooden boats registered with Transport Malta and/or the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture under the MFC or S category. The criteria for eligibility are:

  • Boats must be preserved using the traditional colours.
  • Boats must be constructed entirely out of wood and registered as such.
  • Boats must have been constructed before 2012 (base year also included).
  • All quoted budgets must be realistic and include all the relative expenses that the project will incur to be fully implemented and include all the necessary supporting documentation.

How to Apply

The applications have now closed.



Submission of Application – 3 days

Vetting of Application – 5 days

Assessment of Application – 5 days

Approval of Application – 5 days

Delivery of Application – 5 days